What We Do

The New River Valley HOME Consortium works with its member localities (the Counties of Floyd, Giles, Montgomery, Pulaski and the towns therein and the City of Radford) to support housing options for low and moderate income people.  Once the locality identifies its priorities, the HOME Consortium works with non-profit and for-profit developers to implement the localities’ vision.  Examples include:

COMPREHENSIVE NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT.  The HOME Consortium has supported neighborhood improvement projects in Pulaski in the Dora Highway and Baskerville neighborhoods.  Comprehensive neighborhood improvement projects can include housing rehabilitation, new housing, and infrastructure improvements and have significant neighborhood participation.

Before and After: Dora Highway Neighborhood Improvement, Pulaski

HELPING ADDRESS THE NEEDS OF AN AGING POPULATION.  The HOME Consortium has supported the development of senior housing at Wintergreen Commons in Rich Creek, Giles and also provided funding for eight rental apartments for people 55 and older on Grissom Lane in Blacksburg that were completed in spring 2014.

NEW AFFORDABLE FOR-SALE HOMES.  The HOME Consortium provides funding to support the development of new housing for sale to low and moderate income homebuyers.  The HOME Consortium has worked with Community Housing Partners http://www.communityhousingpartners.org/ and Habitat for Humanity http://habitatnrv.org/ to create deed restricted for-sale housing that will remain affordable over time.  See this article in the Roanoke Times about Habitat’s two new homes in Blacksburg.  http://blogs.roanoke.com/theburgs/news/2013/09/22/hello-habitat-two-new-houses-represent-the-new-river-valley-chapters-return/

REVITALIZING DOWNTOWNS WITH MIXED USE AND AFFORDABLE HOUSING.  The HOME Consortium provided funding to Taylor Hollow Construction http://www.taylor-hollow.com/ for the development of mixed use projects in downtown Radford and Narrows.  These historic preservation projects include retail and offices on the ground floor with apartments above.

MAINTAINING AND IMPROVING EXISTING AFFORDABLE RENTAL HOUSING.  The HOME Consortium supports the preservation of existing affordable rental housing through its acquisition and rehabilitation.  The HOME Consortium has provided funding to Community Housing Partners to support the preservation of rental housing in Christiansburg, Pulaski, and Montgomery County.

DISASTER ASSISTANCE.  The HOME Consortium assisted Pulaski after the April 2011 tornado devastated parts of the community.  HOME staff provided housing counseling to people affected by the tornado and provided funding to help rebuild.