Board and Staff



The NRV HOME Consortium is governed by a ten member board with representatives from each of the member localities.  The Town of Blacksburg and its Office of Housing and Neighborhood Services, serves as the Lead Agency for the Consortium and contracts with the New River Planning District Commission for grants management assistance.  The current board members include:

Montgomery County

Emily Gibson, Planning Director, Voting Member

Carol Edmonds, Montgomery County Deputy Administrator, Alternate member

Marc Verniel, Blacksburg Town Manager, Voting member

Steve Ross, Blacksburg Deputy Town Manager, Alternate member

Giles County

John Mills, Giles County Building Official, Voting member

Dave Rundgren, Giles County Resident, Voting member

Pulaski County

Elaine Holton, Pulaski County Director of Planning & Zoning

Floyd County

Linda DeVito Kuchenbuch, Floyd County Board of Supervisors, Voting member

Lydeana Martin, Floyd County Community & Economic Development Director

City of Radford

Melissa Skelton, Director of Planning & Zoning, Voting member

Vicki Collins, Director Radford Dept of Social Services, Voting member

Non-voting members:

Shelley Fortier, Executive Director, Habitat for Humanity


Matt Hanratty, Assistant to the Blacksburg Town Manager

Kim Thurlow, Housing and Community Development Initiatives Manager

Jennifer Wilsie, NRV Planning District Commission Senior Regional Planner